The greatest gifts in LIFE are…

It's the little things in life that we do for one another that make the biggest differences in our lives

the little things we do for each other!

This article is an important follow-up to the previous article I wrote titled “Miracles in life don’t just happen, you live life to make them happen“. In writing that article I intentionally omitted a key element to that story because it deserves very special recognition. The the part I left out was that during the meet up that I had with my friend, he also brought his wife along to meet me. This was the first time that we had the opportunity to formally get to know one another. The only things that she knew about me were the things that my friend had shared with her and from checking out my websites. One of the first things she said when meeting me was what most people say, “After everything that I have been told about and read about you, you are not anything like the person I was expecting.”

From there our conversation continued and I went on to explain some of the things that her husband and I were met up to discuss the previous evening. During the conversation it was actually her who asked her husband to open up his notebook and go to the the bio page on my company website to ask to explain the statement “Miracles in Life Don’t just happen, you live life to make them happen”.

During this conversation she made a a very relevant observation that there was no flow or relevant connection between the different aspects of the company. In particular she pointed out that the “I am a believers” Supporters Club was a great concept it was actually one of the main causes of this disconnect. These are the key point she raised…

  • The name effectively backs up and earlier statement we discussed about that fact I simply believe that I can do whatever it takes to make it happen.
  • I use the following statement to explain how I do everything “Miracles in life don’t happen, you live life to make them happen” this is a more powerful statement to make than I am a believer” as this infers that all it take is to simple believe in something and it will happen… It is not a call for people to take action on.
  • Establishing a link between your company and the Living Orchard are also getting disconnected because of the way in which people will perceive the “I am a believer” Supporters Club
  • Lastly the name the infers that this is more of a “social club” rather than being an activist group.

What really amazed me was how apologetic she felt in pointing these things out to me. So to ease her discomfort I thanked her, and that by pointing these things out you are helping me to become a better person and build a more purposeful, meaningful and productive company. At the end of our chat, which was only about an hour long, I told them that I was going to write an article for my The Smokn DAWG website about our conversation. I also explained that writing is one the hardest things for me to do because my mind is constantly working on many things at once and it works so fast that it is very difficult for my physical body to keep up. To my surprise both of them asked if they could follow along and observe how this process works and to meet up with me again on Monday morning for coffee.

From Friday afternoon through to Monday morning I spent several hours writing and editing and revising  the article and it still was not in it’s finalized form. So I decided to go up to the coffee shop a bit earlier than our meeting to to make some more revisions. Shortly there after they showed up and we continued our conversation from where we left of on Friday,while I worked away at finishing the article. Our our meeting which was supposed to be for an hour ended up lasting 5 hours and the article was finally done. My friends already knew before I began writing the article that I would be omitting her role from that story because there was something special that I wanted to do in appreciation for what she had done for me.

Live’n Life Loud!

Thank you for dropping by and visiting today. I just wanted to take a moment to share with you my one true pure passion in life, “Music”. Virtually everything that I have accomplished and learned in life can be directly attributed to music. So take a short break, turn up the volume and tune into “Live’n Life Loud” on by CLICKING HERE

Bill Macquis, founder
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“Miracle in life don’t just happen, you live LIFE to make them happen”



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