“It is amazing what can be accomplished with just $20, a broken back and a DREAM…”


How far could you go?

“Miracles in life don’t just happen. You live LIFE to make them happen!”

Everything you see and read on this website all began from a recurring dream I started having back in 1995. A dream that I still have to this day. What came out of this dream was an image of  silhouette of a human head with a bright bluish-white halo set against a dark midnight blue background. Inside the silhouette was an carbon atom shown with all of its electrons spinning around the nucleus. At the bottom of the image was the following quote “Feeding the minds that will fuel the future”. The things that I have learned and accomplished since then would fill bookcase, so we are going to jump ahead to April 1, 2011.

After losing funding and spending three years developing an innovative “modular ,adaptable and expandable induction electric motor ” technology that I had invented back in the 70’s. Which the has been given a new life as the n-Gen Electric Power Generator through the Living Orchard’s “Open Technology Licensing” development program. My business partner Sara Troy and I both decided go back into business for ourselves for a while. Then August 28th 2011 the unimaginable happened. Just as I was about to launch my new business venture a business consulting business called “The DIVA Mindset”. I broke my back while getting up to get a coffee refill at my local Starbucks. The injury was not a result of falling, tripping or other accident. It was caused by my Parkinson’s Disease, which I had been living to overcome since 2003. The injury happened because I was unaware that while sitting, my body had totally seized up, then when I stood the stress re-fractured 4 of 11 vertebra that I had previously broken in my life. At the time I didn’t think anything serious had happened as I had  become so accustomed to similar things like this happening all the time. Usually when this sort of thing happened, within a couple of days the pain level subsides and I can get on with my life.

This time however, my seizures began occurring more frequently and became excruciating painful. In January 2012 things had gotten so bad that I had to walk away from my new business venture. and by the end of 2012 I was totally bed ridden. To give you an idea of what I was physically going though imagine giving birth 4 to 5 times a day! My saving grace, was that no matter what, everyday without fail I got up and went for a walk. Freezing cold, broiling heat, torrential rain,  snow, and hail nothing would stop me from going out for my daily walk. While on these walks is when I began thinking about my dream and began building everything you see here today in my head.

Then something really unbelievable happened. On Easter weekend in 2013, I had just returned home from one of my walks and I was in so much pain I just yelled “Fuck it! I don’t know how much more of the bullshit I can take”. No word of a lie, with in 5 minutes my seizures stopped and I have not had one since! I was so blown away I literally ran down to Starbucks to show Sara what just happened. Needless to say that when I got there and everyone who was there say me come bouncing through the door their jaws all dropped.

During all this same period of time, due to my physical setbacks I was unable to help Sara get her new business fully operational and off the ground. Through a series of fortunate events she found herself becoming a radio show host. In May of 2113 I finally convinced her to do her own show on her own radio station. From from their we went on to build the the PLV Radio Network which is now SELF Discover Radio.  At the same time frame I was trying to figure out how to take all my life research work in mindology and transform that into a new business venture and that’s when I realized the incredible gifts my OCD and Brain Trauma Injuries enabled me to do. These are the keys that lead me to begin developing GOLF which was an early version of what is now the Q-Factor.

On January 28, 2014 while out on a walk it all came together and a few minutes after that the Name Living Fractals popped into my head. I immediately turned around and returned home  to see if the domain name was available. As soon as I discovered it was, I took out my last $20 and bought it. Over the next 2 years that real DREAM that began having back in 1995 finally began to manifest into something tangible with true purpose and meaning to me! A small startup company with a very bright and promising future in serving the betterment of humanity by doing something that would enable everyone to live healthier, happier and more productive lives. More importantly our the FREE Q-Factor Calculator web and mobile apps alone, might someday help save the life of someone you know and love! So now you know just how far you can go in LIFE with just “A broken back, Parkinson’s Disease and $20 and a Dream” and now qn even more exciting new journey is just beginning… Making it all come to LIFE!

Despite be written off by society as being , being abandoned by our medical system and forced to live on a meager Disability Income makes it very challenging to live. Yet through it all I am going to succeed in getting this business off the ground no matter what nothing was going to stop me!. All I need is someone to provide me with all the tools I need in order to begin developing the software and a platform to host and distribute it from that I could afford. So I decided to go to one on the biggest software companies in the world to ask if they could help me. The person that answered my email liked my concept and told me about a program they ran, so he sent some info and asked me to email me back an application to the program. I sent in my application and on May 25, 2016, they got back to me to inform me that I was accepted. Don’t ever believe that the big companies only care about furthering their own agenda’s, the company that I approached was Microsoft, and the program I was accepted into is called “BizSpark” Do if you are looking to startup a software company, you should look into this program. Through this program, Living Fractals will be provided with Free access and use of Microsoft software programs, developer network programs and tools, and Azure cloud services for up to 3 years!

I am now in the process of structuring and putting together the “Living Orchard Miracle Makers Network” that will enable us to raise the fun complete developing all the Q-Factor web and mobile apps and get them out into the real world. Then our real work can begin…

  • Helping people live healthier, happier and more productive lives!
  • Working to peacefully transform the world around us into one where everyone can live LIFE with Liberty, Independence, Freedom and Equality
  • and…


Note: The company has gone through many transformations since this article was originally published. For more updated information about the company and all the work they do, please visit:


“A DIVA is someone who manifests their Dreams, Inspirations, Visions and Aspirations in ways that serve the benefit of humanity.”

By uniting globally in working together we can and will peacefully transform the world around us into one where everyone can live LIFE with “Liberty, Independence, Freedom and Equality“

I would like to personally expend this special opportunity for you join with us in transforming this “Dream, Inspiration, Vision and Aspiration” into reality by becoming a member of our…

DIVA Community

in gratitude,

Bill Macquis, founder
The Living Orchard Corporation

For more information on how you can become an active community supporter and member CLICK HERE


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