Experience the new multimedia on-line edition of ‘Quinesence’ today!


Quinesence is the story of Bill Macquis journey discovering, embracing and actualizing “SELF”. The ‘Soul Enabled Life Force’ that guides him in how to live life with greater purpose, meaning and integrity through serving the betterment of humanity. ‘Quinesnece’ is more than just a book. It is sensual, stimulating and deeply moving emotional multimedia experience that is meant to be shared with others. So before you start your journey, grab a couple of family members, friends or co-workers to join you and then…

Click here to begin sharing in Bill’s journey

“Miracles in life don’t just happen. You live LIFE to make them happen!”

A “DIVA” is someone who manifests their “Dreams, Inspirations, Visions and Aspirations” in ways that serve the benefit of humanity.

I would like take this opportunity to invite and share with you my ‘DIVA-LIFE” story of the “Dreams, Inspirations, Visions and Aspirations” that I am manifesting into a reality that will serve the betterment of humanity by clicking here

Bill Macquis, founder
The Living Orchard Corporation


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