The Global Health Warning that should be printed on money…

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Global Health Warning:

The unhealthy accumulation and use of MONEY may develop into an obsessive and compulsive disorder that often results in creating an incurable ‘Manifestion Of Never Ending Yearning’ to always want and need to have more!

For instructional guidance to the benefits in how the healthy use of MONEY can enable you to live a heathier, happier, and more productive life be sure to return here for next weeks “My Thoughts on…:” article

in gartitude,
Bill Macquis

“A DIVA is one who manifests their “Dreams, Inspirations, Visions and Aspirations” in ways that serve the benefit of humanity.”

I would like to share with you my “Dreams, Inspirations, Visions and Aspirations” that I am manifesting into a reality that will serve the betterment of humanity by clicking here

Bill Macquis, founder
The Living Orchard Corporation


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