Kokomo is one of Bill’s closest friends and traveling companions, one who happens to be a Border Collie. Kokomo formed and immediate bond with Bill back in 2002 when she was just a pup. Their clandestine lifelong friendship began one day over a coffee and a cigarette at a local coffee shop that she use to frequent. This relationship later transformed into becoming a friendship and business partnership with her owner Sara Troy.

Over the years Kokomo and Bill spent many hours and more than 10,000 miles walking and enjoying each others company. Bill attributes that he is alive today due to her unconditional love and compassion. In the summer of 2011 Bill broke his back due to seizure caused by the neuromuscular the logical challenges he lives with. During his recovery and healing process Kokomo was always by his side. No matter what time of day or night, or what type of weather, whenever Bill went for one of his walks there she was by his side, Sometimes running ahead of him pushing him to go faster. Other times walking slowly to prevent him from getting hurt. Other times walking for hours pushing Bill to his physical and pain limits. Always on the alert to protect Bill when strangers approached. During his 18 month recovery period they would walk up to 5 miles everyday! On the Sturaday morning of easter weekend in 2013 after returning home from his walk, he found himself extremely frustrated and pissed off about that lack of progress he was making in healing himself and lost it big time. A few mintues later his seizures stopped and he has not had one since that day!

Kokomo is now fourteen and a half years old and her life has begun to wind down. She has lost her hearing, her her old bones and muscles don’t work like they use to, yet she always has a twinkle in her eyes, a smile on her face and a heart over flowing with love. She truly is one man’s best friend. A friend who always be celebrated, appreciated, and eternally loved when she finally departs on her next great adventure in life…

The nickname “Smok’n DAWG” came about as a tribute to Kokomo, who ever since she was a young puppy has loved to chase and jump through smoke rings. Over the years she became know as the ‘Smoking Dog’. One day back 2012, Bill in dealing with overcoming his physical and health challenges he found himself driven to get back into electronic music and was wanted to build a website to share his love, passion and the healing power of music with others. While trying to come up with a name for the website URL the name Smok’n DAWG popped into his head.

The meaning of ‘Smok’n DAWG” was derived from the word smoking, which can used to describe a tend as being both a “Hot” and “Cool”, and the word “DAWG” which slang word that means friend. In case Bill decided to also use the word DAWG as an acronym for “Digital Audio Workstation Guru” So when you put it all together you get…

“The cool & hot ” friend and Digital Audio Workstation Guru”

Hidden with in the nickname is one of Bills interesting plays on words. As we all know ‘dog’ is the most common way to spell the word ‘DAWG’. Dogs are known for their uncondtional love and compassion. Here is why… If you you reverse the letters in ‘dog’ you get “god”. From that came came the expression and truth to why…

“A dog is mans best friend!”

In memory of Kokomo.

“We can only walk until we drop, but you and I will `rock’n on forever!”

In August of 2016 Kokomo had to be put down due to rapid deterioration in her health. In cellebration of all the joy and happiness she shared with me I dedicate this song and music video in your memry. You will never be forgotten…

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