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Smok’n DAWG – “Live’n Life Loud….

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in gratitude for my one true passion in life…

Everything that I have accomplished in my life is directly related to music. My life began with the good fortune of being born into a family that shared the same passion. My mom and her family had a great appreciation for the creative artistry and performance of music. When I was very young my mom encouraged me to pursue learning the many aspects of music. I took piano lessons up to the age of 9. Then my parents bought me a Hammond B3organ  with a Wurlitzer speaker I was in heaven as I could now could really begin expressing myself through music. A couple of years later I discovered the ultimate in musical creative freedom… The electronic analog synthesizer. The first synthesizer I bought was an Arp 2600 that was supposedly slightly water damaged and I ended up having to rebuilt from scratch. Now I create music on my computer using Digital Audio Workstation software. The DAWG part of my nickname “Smok’n DAWG” is an acronym for “Digital Audio Workstation Guru

I developed my love for electronics and technology from my dad who was an audiophile. Back in that era being an audiophile was considered to be an “electronic hobby” because you had to build all of your own audio equipment and speaker systems from kits or scratch. My dad always let me watch him and help him build these audio kits while he explained the electronic theories and laws involved in their designs. By the time I was 10 I learned enough about electronics that was designing and building my own amps and speaker systems from scratch and a lot more…

Then at the age of ten I was involved in a very serious sports related accident that the medical experts were telling my parents would leave me paralyzed from the waist down. After hearing this I decided along with the support of my mom and dad that would just teach myself how to walk again. The only things I had to work with was my belief that I could do it and my AM pocket transistor radio which I listened to 24 hours a day!!!

Two years later I was walking unassisted and ready to return to school. Thank fully that proved to be a complete disaster because it opened up an opportunity to begin working at one of my dad’s friends audio stores. That point marked the beginning of a very success filled career working through out the pro and consumer electronic and music industries that spanned almost 30 years.

In 2011 music would once again enter in to and play an important role in changing my life forever. On August 28th, 2011 I suffered a broken back caused by muscle seizures resulting from childhood neurological and neuromuscular damage I sustained from several childhood injuries. Once again I found myself facing the possibility of  becoming being unable able to ever walk again or worse. Thanks to the failings of medical system in dealing with my health issues, I took my health issues into my own hands. Armed only with my belief that I would prevail, along with my iPod and headphones I began walking everyday no matter what else life threw at me! On March 23 2013 my seizures went into remission and life begin retuning to normal. Since that fateful day back in the summer of 2011 music not only helped me to heal myself, it also guided me to making the most significant breakthroughs and discoveries in Chaos Order of my life.

Theoriesthat I have been working on for more than 40 years that led to discovering the Q-Factors Universal Laws of Chaos and Order in 2013 and the subsequent invention of Quantum Values Chromatography in 2014. Both of these are being applied an integrated into the development of the “my-nuances” mind-skills growth and development tools that are being collobratively developed and produced  by the mindology Applied Research Centre and Mindology Unlimited Solutions communities of his new start-up company The living Orchard Corporation.

Live’n Life Loud!

Thank you for dropping by and visiting today. I just wanted to take a moment to share with you my one true pure passion in life, “Music”. Virtually everything that I have accomplished and learned in life can be directly attributed to music. The music video below is one of the many songs that profoundly changed my life and might benefit you in a similar way. So take a short break, , turn up the vulume and enjoy…

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