The Q-factors ‘Universal Laws of Chaos and Order’ is a very complex dynamic mathematical model that explains how the universe maintains balance through the creation, integration and dissolution of systems of Chaotic-Order and Ordered-Chaos. The 2 graphics below show how these 2 systems internally funtion.

Quinesence - Freedom

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Quinesence - Equality

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I will be adding more detailed information and explinations soon, In the meantime if you have not already read Quinesence, I recommend you do so now, because you might discover some of the answers to the questions you may already have from the books illustrations…  If you decide to download the 2 graphics above and print them out and the begin rearranging them into differnt sequences you will discover even more about how the Univers uses these systems to interact with each other in to create sustaianable, adaptable and balanced growth and development of the Univerve itself!